Thursday 29 April 2021

Understanding the Parts of the Designer Indian Sari - The Blouse

Traditional Indian clothing and modern Indian clothing have long enchanted people all over the world. Be it traditional Indian Saris or designer Indian saris, this six yard long garment has held sway over millions of people since several centuries. There has to be something special in this designer Indian sari that makes a woman look sexy and appealing, while at the same time covering her modesty in keeping with Indian traditions.

The designer Indian saree comes in three main parts - the blouse, the long skirt or petticoat and the sari itself. Let's have a look at all three in detail.

The Blouse.

This part of the designer Indian sari is meant to cover the upper part of the body of the wearer. It is like a short tank top shirt that is tight fitting in nature and accentuates the shape of the breasts and the back. There is a large variety of designs available for the discerning user, and an even larger variety of material.

This is the only part of the designer Indian saree that is stitched, and hence lends itself to varied styles.

Generally, deeply traditional women may go for a fully covered front and back. The page three crowd as well as the younger generation prefers deep cuts in their designer Indian sari blouse showing lots of skin. There can be any number of combinations that go in between these two extremes.

A deep neck in front is used by women wanting to show off some cleavage. A shallow one may be used by more modestly inclined ladies. The design of the neck can be one of any number of shapes, and you can have a look at some of the variety online.

The back of the blouse itself is a very interesting piece of the entire garment. It can be fully covered with a very shallow neck for ladies wanting to keep covered. A deeper neck at the back is used to show off a sexy neckline.

A particular variety of the blouse is called the 'backless blouse', in which a string is used to wind together the two parts. The string crisscrosses across the length of the blouse to give a very sexy look to the onlooker.

Yet another variety is called the halter neck blouse, wherein the blouse of the designer Indian sari is practically just a halter top, with the back completely exposed. Noodle straps hold up the front portion of this blouse and are tied around the neck, very similar to a regular bikini.

Modern designer blouses are little more than a bikini top, and go a long way in exposing the shapely back and upper torso of the woman wearing the designer Indian sari. Of course, the front and the back of the blouse lends itself to an assortment of embellishments such as embroidery, stonework, decorations etc, which in itself is the subject of a separate series of articles altogether.

Watch this space for more on the other parts of the Designer Indian Sari, i.e, the petticoat and the sari itself.

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